Thursday, 30 July 2009

Quay Quilters' Quilt Show 02

I've spent the last three days wrapped up in our quilt show, setting up, enjoying all the visitors, a day in the kitchen and taking down and now at home storing stands and unpacking bags. Was it worth all the work and worry? YES! Lots of nice comments, getting to know members better and realising what super people they are as lots worked their socks off. We judge our show and the winner of the Silver Thimble was Valerie with a beautifully stitched blue sampler quilt, first was Vanessa with an amazing optical illusion quilt, second was me with my Christmas Silent Stars sampler and third was Mellony with a quilt of squares and appliqued 3-D silk flowers which also won Visitors' Choice. This year's winner of the Silver Thimble will judge the next show in two years time if we have one. We rely on free use of the hall as part of the Swale Festival.

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