Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Patchwork Party

Yet another new project! We Log Cabins are now missing our Houston Stars project and have embarked on a new set of blocks which we also plan to assemble using the quilt as you go method. We are using a set of blocks seen in an advert. No longer available on the web we are drafting them ourselves. I was determined to use fabric from my stash but have already weakened as the coral colour was only a fat eighth so I've sent to Oakshotts for more. I'm not sure I will have enough and have had to resort to calico for my background and alternating quilted squares. It will look very old fashioned. The main fabric was bought when my son was in his first year at university. His university days are more than a decade ago!
This is the first block. We are being issued them one at a time to keep us all together.

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