Thursday, 16 July 2009

A finish!

In double quick time I've finished my "By Kentish Shores" quilt which I only started a couple of weeks ago. This is because it's for our group show that's coming up for which the challenge theme is Kent. I don't usually do challenges but there wasn't a size limit on this one so I thought I could do something useful like a cot or charity quilt. I was influenced by Judy Sisneros' "Ninepatch Pizzazz" but the responsibility for the very blurred effect of this quilt is mine. Perhaps I should call it blended to make me feel better but it would have been more successful if I had made more defined ninepatches as she does and used stronger colours in them. Next time I might stop to think or even read the text but no doubt the child recipient won't be too worried about these niceties.
I was pleased with the quilting pattern however which is a line drawing of the apple core pattern. Thanks to a book on Sashiko I've been able to draft this - I did read the instructions this time! As time was limited, it's quite large scale (based on 7" square) as I was handquilting in 1 ply knitting cotton but it would lend itself to machine quilting with a walking foot.

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Janovi said...

Very interesting quilt! I like the quilting pattern! Will try out the pattern on my walking foot. I went for my first free-form machine quilting class on thurstday but I don't think I am ready to machine quilt without the walking foot!!!