Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Workshop with Bethany Reynolds

On the Friday of the Paducah Show I did an all day workshop with Bethany Reynolds of Stack'n'Whack fame, a welcome change of place. The subject was Checkerboard Tiles, an octagonal design with triangles at each corner to form a square. It was very interesting to see how diverse the different fabrics looked. I had shopped at Hancocks on the Tuesday and spent ages choosing only to discover the Kaffe Fassett paisley 24" repeat design I originally chose was half a metre short so I then hurriedly selected another print with large shapes and bought masses only to discover the repeat is only 6" so I have to fiddle to achieve sufficient variation. The good news however was that Bethany chose mine to use as a demonstration for cutting purposes - she joined the layers together with a microtack gun. Very clever. She was very calm and there was a good atmosphere and pace in the class.

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Janovi said...

I love all the blocks!!! I look forward to seeing your Stack N Whack quilt!!