Thursday, 5 March 2009

Kiwi Quilt 03 - cutting the blocks

Having shown the completed top and the planning stage these are the blocks, one placed upright, the other horizontal so that if you are cutting directional fabrics you need to think about this at the cutting stage. I arranged my rectangles into three piles, vertical, horizontal and then those which didn't matter. For each block unit I cut a 11 x 5.75 rectangle subcut into a 7.5 by 5.75 rectangle and then four 2.25 squares. Three were to complete the unit and the fourth was used to help plan the quilt (see earlier post 26th February 09). Then I needed 3 yellow/orange/red squares for contrast also 2.25. Two units are needed for each block. My block finishes at 10.5 with small squares measuring 1.75 but the original uses 2" finished squares and a 12" finished block. The pattern is Hot Shot by Debbie Bowles at Maple Island Quilts. The original icludes variations and different looks too.

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