Friday, 13 February 2009

Back from Mexico: Patchworks

Last time in Merida I saw an interesting patchwork hanging up in a handicrafts shop pieced from different fabrics. This time I saw lots of examples but despite visiting lots of fabric shops saw nothing like the thicker rich fabrics used in these pieces.
All the patchworks photos were taken in shops with permission and I bought something in each as a token "payment".

I only got back to the airport at 8.30 am UK time but this was 2.30am Mexican time after an early awaking the previous day and I can't sleep on planes - I have to be horizontal! So I went to bed when I got home and am now writing this in the early hours. It's good being retired being able to let ones body clock take time to sort itself out.

I think after my absence from blogging while away I've been dropped by the Stash Quilts ring. Hopefully I'll get reinstated. There are more Mexican photos to come.

The sewing machine was in the Franciscan church in Valladolid, a beautiful town. I thought a sort of shrine to the sewing machine albeit old and rusty was very appropriate for a quilter visitor.

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