Monday, 15 December 2008

Three Cats in a Twist

I was lucky enough to take a couple of Ami Simms workshops at the next to last Cabot Quilting Conference here in the UK. The first day was devoted to her signature Twisted Sisters technique and pattern. That was March 2007; this year being the year of the UFO I've made more blocks and on our sewing day I finished assembling enough for a quilt for my bed. Then I had 16 leftover and I combined those too 4 by 4. I used Oakshotts navy a Fairtrade fabric from India and my collection of Three Cats indigo fabric from South Africa plus an old-fashioned bright red ditsy floral for the squares. Very guiltily I've received an extra order of Thee Cats to piece a border but in my current (Jan 09) British Patchwork and Quilting magazine there's an article about the the Da Gama factory which produces these fabrics (originally the designs and machinery came from Manchester near where I lived in Lancashire)and they are a cooperative enterprise on quite a large scale which is of great benefit to its employees and the Cape area so now I feel I'm a benefactor. Anyway I've used all the new FQs and plan to make another small quilt from the leftovers. Yesterday I pieced two longer borders and am about to add them using partial sewing.

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Passionate Quilter said...

great quilt! and yes, you did a good thing by supporting someone who is doing something good in this world. So don't feel guilty at all. :)