Saturday, 6 December 2008


December 3rd I finally sewed the last binding stitch on the Houston Stars quilt, subject of many previous posts. It was a very happy moment. Many of my quilts are quite flawed but with this one I feel I've done my best and the result is all I'd hoped, all the sweeter because I have two other large tops waiting to be sandwiched which are so so but I tell myself at least they will be done done and interesting and lovable in their own way - like children to their mother!
I have still got a label and hanging sleeve to attach and I shan't get a good photo till it hangs at our group quilt show in July and I plan to show a quilt at Sandown for the first time. Along with others I'm trying to raise the profile of traditional bed quilts which has been somewhat subsumed of late.


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I found your blog through your buzzsaw tutorial, which I am going to have to make. But I just had to stop by this post and say that quilt is GORGEOUS!!