Thursday, 20 November 2008

Design Wall

This is the Cheryl Ann design wall, a very simple idea, which I had seen advertised in US magazines. However I found a UK supplier and am very pleased with it. I use it more to display and photograph things. I like the way it's easy to set up and take down and stores neatly.

I have been sorting out all the cuttings and photos that have been piling up and honing my filing system. I wonder why I bother as I have hundreds of pictures and ideas piled up, more than I will ever accomplish but I guess it's the librarian in me. I have been making a list of all my quilts with dates and sizes - eighty plus. All my quilts are intended to be of practical use and many of the smaller charity ones have been bundled under the one number and listed as a, b , c etc., sometimes 8 or 9 at a time. Unnumbered is a list of WIPs, works in progress.

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