Wednesday, 5 November 2008

BQSG Weekend

The BQSG Conference was held in the resource centre of the Beamish open air museum in County Durham UK. They have a large north country quilt collection and on the first afternoon some of the provenance collection was hung around the room and on tables for our perusal. The Elizabeth Sanderson Star has iconic status. She was a pupil of famous quilt marker George Gardiner and took in apprentice pupils to teach them how to draw and mark quilt designs. She also seems to have pieced and marked tops and this is a recurrent pattern - the very central star set in with no bumpy seams meeting in the middle. Quilts without provenance, that is where little is known about who and where, are used to cover beds in the dwellings that have been moved to this site - miners' cottages, a town terrace and farm and manor house, grouped in different time zones. BQSG stands for British Quilt Study Group and is a sub-group of the Quilters' Guild, our national body.

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