Monday, 16 June 2008

Helping Hands

Yesterday, Saturday afternoon, I drove to just outside Margate. My husband then caught the bus into Margate as he planned to watch the airshow. I popped into a church hall where Thanet Quilters were holding a Linus Day. I handed over two of the Linus Quilts I've made using animal squares and also found someone who will see the person who organises the Helping Hands scheme and handed over the quilt largely made on a work day in May and bound by me. I took a photo of it on the bonnet of my car first.
However it was a case of one step forward, one back as I have brought home a sandwiched top to quilt. It won't be easy as the fabrics are blends, the filling is a hi-loft poly and it isn't sandwiched very flat so there be some redoing. . . No photo asI haven't plucked up the courage to unfold it yet. And foolishly I left behind a box of sewing bits and bobs. Fortunately Alan is going over to Thanet for a Spanish lesson on Wednesday and will collect it for me.

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