Friday, 9 May 2008

Split ninepatch continued

These pictures show the ninepatch cut in half and then the pieces tuned round to form a sashed effect and the finished quilt which is 36" square and uses four ninepatches plus some side pieces.
Each ninepatch consists of four 6.5 picture squares. the centre square is 6" and the side pieces are 6x6.5" oblongs joined to the picture squares along the longer side.
I gave 4 people a kit of the ninepatch pieces and in addition an extra 6" square and 6"x6.5" oblong. These were attached along the 6" side and cut in half lengthwise to form two 3" strips. I cut off part of the sashing post fabric measuring 2.75" from the seam line. one of the cut off 3" square was used for a corner post. In this way the quilt was sashed completely.

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Helen in the UK said...

What a lovely, fun, colourful quilt. Thanks for sharing your measurements and methods :)