Monday, 28 April 2008

UFO attack: Rubik's Cubes

These are blocks I received as part of an internet swap some time ago. I have many such blocks and have not completed a single quilt from any of them so I am attempting to put this right as part of my UFO attack. There are 12 blocks and we were to use Kona black and batiks, one warm in colour and one cool. The secondary pattern that evolves is fascinating. I suspect the pattern has an older name than Rubik's Cube but this is what we called it. This group has a particular fancy for black based blocks. I'm not sure they fit in my house - I just like making the blocks! So this quilt will be for charitable purposes whether as a gift or a money raiser. The Quay Quilters' Group has a bi-annual show and quilts often sell whether on display or on the sales table. 10% of sale proceeds go to local charities.
Anyway I now realise I should have put triangle corners on the pink "buffers" in the border and will have a go at appliqueing some on - a case of more haste less speed!

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