Saturday, 26 April 2008


I planned some mystery quilt instructions for my quilt group, based on pictures seen in Australian Patchwork and Quilting of quilts instigated by Pat Davies NSW. From the article it wasclear she devised instructions foridentical traditional blocks. I split up the pattern differently into 6 different units and made three quilts to test different sizes and also my written instructions and the fabric requirements. The results seem to have been very successful and if Pat is "out there" please get in touch so I can say "Thank You" formally. I have a unique name but Pat Davies proved impossible to track down on the net. What drew me most of all to this picture was the fabric requirements: a dark, a light and 2 mediums. This is the aspect of mystery planning I find the hardest as I don't want folk to waste time and fabric to achieve an unsatisfactory combination. All the quilts look good but different from each other and reflective of their owners.
The pink one is by Maggie of Crab & Winkle, the blue one by Joyce of Quay Quilters, the red and green by Marion of Crab & Winkle and Mary of Crab & Winkle is holding up her larger pink and green one.

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