Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Back from Broulee

We've spent several days on the NSW South Coast in a little settlement called Broulee south of Bateman's Bay. The drive passed thround some wonderful undulating country, cattle and sheep farming. We stopped off at two small places, former gold mining towns now cafes, antiques and small shops. Bungendore was on the main line from Sydney to Melbourne and there was a quilt shop. It was closed on the way out but open on my return and the fabrics were very well chosen mainly country style colours but I bought some useful neutrals for my autumn quilt. Braidwood seemed busier and bigger and there was a quilt shop on each side of the road. One had a long arm machine and a small stock of fabrics but useful blenders. I got some greens here. Across the road was a shop piled high with fabrics and more were arriving when I was there. I got some Australiana and novelty fabrics here.

Once we got to Broulee we went to Moruya to do some food shopping and there opposite Woolworth's was a wonderful large patchwork shop, the best presented of any on this trip with islands of ranges, patterns and made up samples, baskets of the relevant FQ's etc. I found it so handy to gather together lots of fat quarters that go with other cut pieces I have. I bought patterns here too.

I didn't think much of the fabric shops in Bateman's Bay though the Bargain Box did have good prices. Patchwork by the Bay was hard to find and a bit drab, I thought. My alloted half hour was too long.

Coming back I followed a Canberra quilter's recommendation and stopped off at Spotlight in Queanbean, a huge homeware chain. Here there were lots of Chinese cottons, pretty and cheap and patchwork fabrics too. I bought novelties and some pretty backs for children's quilts.

Oh and Broulee and its surroundings were beautiful, picturesque and amazing blues of sea and sky.

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