Friday, 18 April 2008

AGM Karin Hellaby's Folded Flying Geese

The workshop was just three hours but the atmosphere was very calm and purposeful. Karin divided her teaching up so there were easily absorbed step by step "bites" along the way. Those of us who had her Flying Geese book brought it; others had one on loan for the duration of the class with the option to buy. The book is beautifully illustrated and set out and covers masses of techniques so is very good value. I try to buy all of them as they come out.
We started with a 2.5 by 4.5 goose rectangle and two 2.5 sky squares. The rectangle was folded in half wrong sides together and sandwiched between the two sky squares with the raw edge aligned to the edge of the squares again right sides together. The seam line was sewn from the top down the side over the folded edge to the bottom of the square. The fold of the goose caught in the seam was clipped and the goose flap opened out to form the goose triangle. Matching the pressed fold line to the seam made this easier.
We did two sizes and there were instructions for a third.
You then have the option of folding back and catching down the folded edges cathedral window fashion but this decision can wait till the completion of the quilt.

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