Friday, 7 March 2008


Christchurch was our last stop in NZ and we hope to return one day. Once back in Ocean Shores I got on with a lot more sewing but will have to upload the pics once we get to Canberra. Meanwhile we're mostly packed up and cleaned up here. It's been a stunning day and we've said goodbye to some of our favourite places especially the beach and the breakwater at Brunswick Heads.
I got so behind because of the difficulty of uploading pictures on a someone else's computer without using their photos programmes or files. However inNZ I discovered internet cafes and kind folk who would transfer my photos onto CDs without any horrible unwanted software like the commercial Kodak booth in the local pharmacy.
It's been lovely here and I've got more donethan I ever expected but the bright lights of Canberra await!!!
Oh and I sent 2 airmail packages off and a seamail parcel as I know there are some excellent fabric shops in Canberra and it has a public transport system.

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