Wednesday, 19 March 2008


Had a day on the buses today though first Alan dropped me off in Weston Creek where the Canberra Quilters hold a morning meeting. We all sat round tables and did handwork. A man who had designed and made some kangaroo scissors was there. I bought some and received a free Scissoroo T-shirt as well. I also got some fold up scissors, good for travelling as the points won't push through my bag. We finished with the raffle and show and tell.
Then a bus to Woden and another short ride to a fringe of town shopping area and a good look round "Addicted to Fabric" and "In Stitches" and did some shopping in both. How I wish I could move the former one to Canterbury as it has a huge and fantastic stock of lovely modern fabrics - Amy Butler, Denyse Schmidt and all the Kaffe Fassets. (There was a notice to say thatthe manufacturers of the Fassets had notified them that there was a 10% shrinkage across the widthways grain.This is 4" + and a disgrace, making the fabrics hard to use with others or at least causing wastage. I do prewash but don't expect such a shrinkage rate.) Anyway I feel my fabric purchases would be more under control and focussed with such a shop to hand as one wouldn't need to buy on spec knowing all you might need for a projected quilt was available. And the scraps leftover would provide for the scrappy urge as they mounted up. Bus back and collapse of stout party!

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