Friday, 21 March 2008


We went to join a local library and to my surprise hanging aloft was a beautiful display of quilts. There was a handout to say they were made by the Material Girls who "get together to chat, to challenge each other to make things outside their comfort zones and to generally enjoy each others' company". I had to photograph "Kel's Wells" by Yvonne Hawkins as I am a fan of this pattern and have made two of my own. (see and look for Hidden Wells albums). I also singled out Christine Gainey's "Sails to the Wind" which I thought was very graphic and Kath Hunt's "Summer Abundance" based on Kaffe Fassett's "Leafy Rosy", a celebration of fabric. All the exhibitors are members of Canberra quilters:
Although the libraries are bigger and better than the Ocean Shores ones the selection of quilt titles is very meagre but that may be because they are out on loan to the many quilters here.

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