Tuesday, 18 March 2008

NEW ENGLAND WIP: piecing on the move

Like the log cabin blocks this is part of
an ongoing handpieced project for a
future bed quilt I think of as my
"New England" quilt as it uses
reproduction type fabrics including lots
of browns and reds too.
The blocks are in multiples of 1.5" from
3" up to 9". These are 6" and some were
pieced on the bus from Sydney to Canberra.
The brown fabric in the top middle has 2000 printed on it so that will help date the quilt.
I know howmany square inches each size
measures and I am keeping a running total.
I need 4000+ sq. inches for the top and
I'm more than halfway there. Memories
of many places and travels are stitched
into this project.

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