Monday, 4 February 2008


There's been a delay between starting my blog and this post because I've been on my travels, first Kuala Lumpur for a few days , then a couple of nights in Brisbane and now in Ocean Shores NSW where we're house swapping. I'll catch up with my later activities in future posts but now for my first finish of 2008, a child's quilt started in a Crab & Winkle workshop led by Melanie. There are only 7 of us and the 7th is a "sleeping partner" but the very active six got together to make a crazy reversible Log Cabin quilt. We chose our own block centres, placed them on a square of wadding and backing fabric and sewed the first round though all layers, piecing and quilting all at the same time, perhaps setting a pattern of light and dark. Then the pieces were tossed around the room for others to add their strips to. I used novelty prints in the centres. The backing squares were pieces of the same novelties but in a different position. The squares were trimmed and joined with fold over strips front and back (the back ones needed to be caught down by hand. I added border pieces the same way. When I heard a little boy had been born across the road from us I had just the thing to give him! When he's older he can try to match the pictures on the front and the back.

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